Increase Your Productivity With These 8 GMAIL Tricks



Why work harder, when you can work smarter?

We heard it first in a 2009 Apple commercial and it still holds true today – if you need your device to do anything, there’s an app for that.

Apps and extensions are always in development, and constantly evolving in functionality and usability, to enhance our productivity. In the world of email we see this same drive to improvement, with endless additions and alterations, all promising to make our lives easier.

But how do we know which ones to choose?

As someone who is always on Gmail for both business and personal communication, I’ve found that these eight extensions and set-up options have really helped me to maximize my efficiency and minimize hassle.


OK, so I’ll admit that this may seem like “Professional Email 101,” but honestly, a good, clean, professional email signature takes you from looking like a newbie to an established businessperson. Beginners can do well with simply filling in the signature information within the “settings” tab, and turning the signature on to ensure that it is attached to every email. But those who want to up their game and add social media links, icons, and other accoutrements, Wisestamp is a great cost-effective choice that adds a professional touch without breaking the bank at only $4/month.


It’s summer, and for many of us that means going off to the cottage or some other off-the-beaten-path area that is enriching and calm…and without Internet *gasp!*. But now, not having a connection doesn’t mean that you can’t get your work done. With Gmail Offline, you can access your email and complete your work anywhere, any time, regardless of whether or not you have a live connection. Take that, Mother Nature (and subway tunnels)!


Some days I feel like I’m lost in a sea of tabs, desperately staring at my screen to find Gmail because I just want to send one. little. email! Thankfully, I’ve been thrown a lifejacket by the name of Open Compose Window for Gmail – an extension that allows you to send an email faster than you can say “Open Compose Window for Gmail” thanks to its addition of a small Gmail icon to your navigation bar. Opening a new message window with one click? Yes please!


One of the easiest ways to navigate your Gmail account is by using tried and true shortcuts. As someone who is always looking to improve my efficiency, I’m forever learning new shortcuts for my programs and applications. KeyRocket, a Gmail extension, offers users a crash course in shortcuts, teaching you how to use them quickly and effectively. Or, if you’re looking to improve your Gmail performance without having to download anything, just turn on the shortcuts in Gmail itself, which will allow you to use a variety of keys to perform various functionalities, like using “has: attachment” to find emails with attachments, or even using “!” to report spam.


Now that’s got me thinking – I can’t be the only person who remembers that amazing Spam skit by Monty Python ( As much as Monty Python’s spam is great, inbox spam is the worst! All of that clutter from websites and organizations really cuts into my productivity as I wade through all of the useless emails to get to what I need. So, I’ve enabled Block Sender for Gmail – a free extension that allows you to block all emails from a specific address or website. Want even more than these basic features? Check out one of their paid plans.


Sometimes messages show up in my inbox and I’m not convinced they’re spam, but I don’t really know who they’re from. Thankfully, Rapportive knows. This app discretely offers you all of the information that can be found about the sender’s email, allowing you to decide whether it’s worth opening their message, or moving on.


So I don’t know about you, but when waiting for an important email I used to end up stuck in front of Gmail, frantically refreshing the page until it arrived (at which point I breathed a sigh of relief and carried on with my day). It was a HUGE drain on my productivity, wasting not only my time but my mental energy. But then I discovered the email desktop notification tab under my Gmail settings, and now I get an instant alert on my desktop whenever an email comes in. Productivity win!


Now the flip side of this situation is one where you send of an important email and spend the rest of your day checking your inbox, waiting for a reply, and thinking “Did they get it? Did they get it? DID THEY GET IT???” If you need something to help ease your mind, enable – an email checking app that not only confirms that your email was sent, but whether and when it was opened by the recipient (AND what device they used to open it!). You can’t put a price on this kind of peace of mind – so, naturally, it’s free!

Do you have any of your own tried-and-true Gmail solutions that you find really work? Tell me in the comments below!

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How Can I succeed In Social Media : Goals Setting

gols setting

Step 1: How Can I succeed In Social Media – Social Media Goals Setting

Financial Social Media Today’s question how can I succeed in social media – Goal Setting ? The reality is, all discussion in social media happens in the open, in public, so if you make a mistake and you’re in a company that is regulated, you can cause lots of trouble for yourself and for the company. So it’s very important to go through the ten steps of success in social media.
The first step is goal setting. You should always think of what are you goals? Goals setting means success in Social Media and it will also magically let you see who other than you has succeeded in the same field and what they have done. I will give a very fast example. If you want to buy a red corvette, you will start seeing who are the people who are driving a red corvette around you.
The second thing about setting goals is that they have to be reachable and they have to be tangible, which means it [a goal] has to be small so you can achieve it in that time. So if you want to go to the moon, your goal wouldn’t be how to go to the moon, it would be how can I build a shuttle, how can I be an astronaut.
By setting small social media goals you will achieve them and succeed . I hope you get the point of how to set goals, and that will be the first step in your way to succeed in social media.

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What Social Media Network Should I use



The question that we are addressing today is: what social media network should I use: Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn? The reality is that there are four major networks — there is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Which one should you decide to use? If you are the type of person who likes to make friends, and wants to communicate fast online, within 140 characters — that means that you don’t like to write too much — then Twitter is the social network that you should use. If you’re the kind of person who likes to communicate and write longer updates, and to be able to write a full essay or full blog post and notes to people, then Facebook is your Social Network that you shoudl use and Facebook is the largest of the networks. And if you are a business or person in business who offers services to other businesses, then LinkedIn is your social network because LinkedIn is not just for finding jobs, it is for businesses who are looking for other business providers to give service. Finally, if you are the kind of person who does not like to read, and you know there are many people who do not like to read, and you like to convey your message via a video, then YouTube is your Social Network that you shoudl use. The best of all, you have to be — and my recommendation is — you have to become very active on all networks, that is, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube because all of them together will give you an advantage over all of your competition and will give you not only a social existence and proof but give also to your website and business an SEO advantage.

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Dominate Google with Double indented listings

Seo Toronto

what is double indented listings

Recently we started noticing double indented listings when searching Google. A two indented listings i s a none indented search result for a domain followed by two indented search results related to the same domain.
For example if you search “” you will notice that a 3 listings will show up in in the search result  page.

what does that mean?

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Social Media Catfood Is it a good alternative to Hummingbird


In our series of reviews of social media follower applications, we have tested in the last few weeks Catfood follower. Our testing result in good results, but are we convinced that Catfood is a good alternative to Hummingbird? Should we be satisfied by the Zero cost social media  software and dump the $200 software? [Read more…]

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Keywords are the Queens of SEO


Some entrepreneurs believe that their limited knowledge of the market, of the potential client and a few SEO rules is enough to label themselves as a SEO Guru. They call themselves SEO copywriters and engage in writing their website content. They spend a few hours borrowing content from some other similar websites and finalize the process by sprinkling keywords randomly into their content. Finally they wait and hope for the best. [Read more…]

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Should you spend any money on Twitter automation software?


One of the most controversial practices widely used to build up influence on Twitter is now cause for account suspension. Using third party software to systematically add a large number of social connections each day, then break those connections with anyone who doesn’t reciprocate, will put you at risk of suspension, according to Twitter’s Doug Williams. [Read more…]

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Twitter influential members – Are your followers real people or a hoax?


One of the practices widely used to build up influence on Twitter is using third party software to systematically add a large number of social connections each day, then breaking those connections with anyone who doesn’t reciprocate. Such a practice allows people to grow their list of followers fast and automatically without any close monitoring.

Some social media companies sell the dream of building an influential account for someone in few weeks without contributing any real content by using the above techniques for monitory compensation.

The question that comes to my mind is, when you are building these lists automatically and when you can build them that fast, are you monitoring whether you are adding real people or just hoaxes? [Read more…]

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5 Flash Myths– Why Flash is Not Evil


Many stigmas are attached to flash applications and still hunt this cool development tool.  These outdated myths were the results of old flash bugs and limitations that no longer hold true. Flash has been in the market now for more than 10 years and has a penetration of more than 98%. It is here to stay. In this post we will address the five common flash myths and show you that flash is worth your investment.

Flash Myth #1

Designers put all the flash in one program, making it hard for search engines to find and crawl the different pages of the website. This makes SEO (search engine optimization) difficult.

FACT: This myth stands true for the many SEO engineers who have no experience in flash website optimization. However, there are many available java scripts that will allow website indexing.

Specialized flash SEO companies have the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully optimize your flash website and will allow Google and Yahoo to index the entire site. Many successful agencies like Solution416 are achieving top 3 spots ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Ping. They even can achieve double listing per page.

[Read more…]

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