About Fadi Semaan

Fadi Semaan is a dynamic, results-driven expert in social media and search engine optimization (SEO) who can help you devise and execute a targeted web strategy as part of your overall marketing plan. A strong decision maker, strategist and problem solver with over 10 year’s experience, Fadi will not only help you meet but exceed your corporate objectives.

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is how to harness the power of the web to reach out to new and existing clients in a targeted and effective way. Navigating the growing number of platforms and tools—which are continually evolving—can be intimidating.

Fadi can help you face these challenges and his expertise encompasses a range of social media platforms and web tools, including the latest developments and how they can be harnessed by businesses as part of an overall web strategy. These platforms and tools include:

  • Flash SEO
  • Online advertising (AdWords, Facebook)
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • YouTube and video marketing

Producing tangible results

Fadi’s work produces tangible results: increasing search engine rankings and website traffic. Fadi’s experiences in SEO as well as social media enable him to leverage social media to help you dominate Google searches. His expertise can help you:

  • Optimize website traffic using SEO by sending targeted leads to your site.
  • Build customized Flash and eCommerce websites that set you apart from the competition.
  • Use social media to connect with new and existing clients 24/7.
  • Develop online videos, an inexpensive and effective marketing tool.
  • Produce internet marketing campaigns.

What sets Fadi apart from competitors is his wealth of experience and ability to leverage social media and SEO to produce solid business leads. He also specializes in the use of Flash for SEO, a multimedia platform that can bring your website alive by incorporating features such as sound, video and animation. Flash websites have a polished, professional look than can enhance your brand and engage users.

We can help you build an SEO strategy from scratch as part of an overall web marketing plan or analyze your current SEO strategy and work with you to identify ways in which it can be improved and implement these changes

An engaging public speaker

Fadi is also a passionate and engaging public speaker. His motivational and inspirational seminars inspire audiences and motivates them to focus and reach their goals. He has given numerous seminars and webinars, and produced online videos.

Call Fadi Semaan today to help you establish a strong online presence through Flash SEO and social media.

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