How Should I Control My Privacy on Facebook

How / Why should you setup your privacy on Facebook?

Facebook has always fought against giving you control over your privacy. So, the first thing to do after opening your profile is change your privacy setting.

You should decide:

  1. who can see your photos
  2. who Can upload photos to your profile
  3. who can tag your photos or
  4. who can check you into places. .

Make sure that you don’t allow any one check yo u into places.

This is the way to protect yourself and your business on Facebook. Even do not use messages that are very private on social media.  I would abstain from sending any business email on Facebook or Facebook messaging system, especially if I am a financial advisor. As a financial advisor  would make sure that messages related to business would go through the company’s email, not Facebook’s email.

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How Many Facebook Timeline Updates?

How many times should you update your Facebook Timeline on your profile or your Page ? How much should I be active?

You should always post updates that are of quality and of interest to your fans
You should not update your profile or wall, more than 4 to 5 times a day. Many and repetitive updates can result in  account ( profile or page) suspension.

A good example of a Facebook timeline update is:

  1. a positive quote, or
  2. a link to a good article with a snippet about the article or
  3. how to or why should you ?

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How To use LinkedIn to succeed in Business?

When you are a business, LinkedIn is the best Social Media platform to succeed. If you are offering business to business services or products, Linked in is the place to be.
One of the major myths is that LinkedIn is for finding a job and finding employees. LinkedIn is a place where all the professionals meet, discuss, talk and find the right solution or provider for their problems.

When you want to succeed in business, you should join LinkedIn as your Social Media Network.

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Be Interested Not Interesting – Social Media Success

Are you interested, or are you interesting? The major mistake that I see over and over in social media is people talking, talking – and nobody’s listening.

In order to succeed in financial social media, you need to be interested, not just interesting. You need to listen to people, to what they are saying; you need to familiarize with their needs and Values, you need to show them that you have a common ground with them, in order for them to start liking you and following you and listening to your solutions.

That is the final and 10th step of succeess in social Media

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Overcoming Embarrassment in Social Media – Step 9

How many of you have been embarrassed? How many of you are afraid of embarrassment and haven’t done anything because of [that] it? That’s the ninth point of how to succeed in social media.

The only way to overcome embarrassment is to change your mind set about it. Embarrassment can be an opportunity for you because not only youare afraid of embarrassment, but also your competition. So, if you take the steps to do things, and don’t care about the mistakes that you think that you are doing, you will overcome embarrassment, and that’s what will transform this [it] into an opportunity for you.

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Success in Social Media – Following Through – Step 8

The eighth point of  success in social media is called following through – especially when you are online and make a promise to somebody.
How many of us have bought an online course, or Start reading a book, and never finished it?
When online, if you promise anyone anything, make sure that you take the proper steps to finish it, because if you don’t, they will let you know and let everyone else know.

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Success in Social Media is based on Transparency – Step 7


Step 7 for success in social media is about transparency. Be transparent when you are in social media and when you are offering a product or selling a service. Do not hide anything because all of those things hidden will come back to haunt you. Be honest in what you say and what you sell because in social media, everybody is going to listen to you, and anybody can search what you have said and done.

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How Can You Succeed in Social Media: Authenticity- Step 6

The sixth point of how can you succeed in social media, is called authenticity. Be real, be you. Don’t try to mimic someone else or present somebody who is not you because people who are following you will love you for who you are. Show your weaknesses, show your strengths, let people know that the real person is you. That will guarantee your success in social media.

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Why Success In Social Media : Protecting Your Reputation – Step 5

Success in social Media is Based on reputation.
you should always protect your reputation is an invaluable one. Your social proof comes from what you have said, and how you have reacted to complaints and how you answered questions in the network.
So it is very important for you to always remember success in social media is related to very good reputation on networks. People do search and read of what you have done and what you have said, and what your beliefs are.

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How To succeed in Social Media – Building Your Network – Step 4

The Fourth Step: How to Succeed in Social Media is Building Your Network.
Your success in social media relies on building your core network.

If you join a social network like Facebook, with eight hundred million users, and you start speaking right after you join, you’re talking to yourself.

To succeed in Social Media, you’re better off to start having followers and friends or followers
you would better go after people who are interested in what you are saying and the solution you are offering because targeted followers convert better than anyone else.

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