How Many Facebook Timeline Updates?

How many times should you update your Facebook Timeline on your profile or your Page ? How much should I be active?

You should always post updates that are of quality and of interest to your fans
You should not update your profile or wall, more than 4 to 5 times a day. Many and repetitive updates can result in  account ( profile or page) suspension.

A good example of a Facebook timeline update is:

  1. a positive quote, or
  2. a link to a good article with a snippet about the article or
  3. how to or why should you ?

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How Can You Succeed in Social Media: Authenticity- Step 6

The sixth point of how can you succeed in social media, is called authenticity. Be real, be you. Don’t try to mimic someone else or present somebody who is not you because people who are following you will love you for who you are. Show your weaknesses, show your strengths, let people know that the real person is you. That will guarantee your success in social media.

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Dirty First Blog

Yep, this is my first blog.

My posts will  answer and deal with anything that comes in my way: custom SEO, SEM, Social Media, Pay per click (adwords), Flash animation and web design and development.

A man with big dreams wakes up every day and trys to make them a reality. People with big dreams are not dreamers, they are people with big ambitions and great motivation.

On the other hand, dreamers are people who do not stop dreaming. They never have intentions to do anything regarding these dreams. Dreamers keep sleeping and dreaming.

Are you a Dreamer or do you have Big Dreams?

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