Should you spend any money on Twitter automation software?

One of the most controversial practices widely used to build up influence on Twitter is now cause for account suspension. Using third party software to systematically add a large number of social connections each day, then break those connections with anyone who doesn’t reciprocate, will put you at risk of suspension, according to Twitter’s Doug Williams.

It does not matter how loud the critics of this policy are, Twitter is forging ahead with their decision to suspend any user who uses automation to follow / unfollow in order to largely increase their follower base. It is true that there are no limits on the number of unfollows you can do, but if you do it systematically and in large numbers, you will be suspended. Believe me, it is true.

With their recent interface release, Twitter enforced their policy by making it near impossible for automated software to unfollow. If you want to do it, you have to do it manually after scanning and clicking on every user twice. With such a change, many of the automated software programs have become obsolete or at least handicapped.

Which raises the question, should you spend any new money on any automation software? Should you ask for your money back for the software you purchased last month and now is no longer working?

I myself at the present time would rather stay manual, since by using manual follow or unfollow I feel in control and I know who am I adding or subtracting from my clan of followers.

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  1. Automated software still works and you are flat out telling people it doesn’t. I mass unfollow all the time. Look into a software like catfood follower which loads up friends lists into their program rather then automating a browser. Its fast and highly effective. It also returns followers very nicely.

    By the way, hummingbird was doomed to their fate from day one and I have absolutely no sympathy for them. Thats what happens when you try to sell a third party application for more then MS windows itself sells for just to do something other software does for free….

    • This post was clear when it stated many and not All automation software do not work anymore.
      As you mentioned Hummingbird does not work anymore to unfollow as well as others.
      That is why we wrote this articled asking people to be more vigilant when buying an atomization software especially when there are other for free and are still working like Catfood .
      You mentioned that you are doing mass unfollow and you have not been suspended,That is greta, But it is all subjective if you have 20000 followers and you mass unfollow 300 that is a small number or percentage that will be acceptable to twitter, while if you have only 800 follower and you unfollow 300 I believe that will become an issue.

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