Russian Roulette Or Safe Website Design

In a discussion with a friend last week, she mentioned that she wanted to have a simple and safe website.

Her target clients are those with a higher-end income who could buy her luxury services.  Her definition of simple was disguising the real word, lowest possible cost. She also added she wanted to play it safe since she is just starting her business. She was going to ask a friend who has a hobby of web development to design her new high-end website.

Is designing a low cost website considered a safe way to build your high end business?

To have a successful website you need to have a:

1) Beautiful design that is attractive to your website visitor. It takes fractions of seconds for people to decide if they are going to stick around or leave.

2) Easy navigation: a difficult-to-navigate website is a big turnoff for people. If the website visitor cannot find what they are looking for immediately, they will leave.

3) Good functionality: your website should not be complicated, but not over simplified either. Interactive websites are more successful than static ones. For example Flash websites with dynamic galleries have higher appeal and preferences over static ones.

4) High visibility: with more than a million websites on the web, it is becoming extremely difficult to rank high on the search engines. If people cannot find you, you do not exist. Your website needs to be optimized properly to show on page 1 of Google and Yahoo.

After listing the above points, does ” SAFE” apply to a website build by a beginner?

In reality, my  friend is playing Russian Roulette by trusting her website to someone who does not know the basic elements of a successful design, nor the basic rules of building a search engine friendly website.

When looking at building a new website, to play it safe you should:

1) Hire a expert designer who had been working in his field at least 4 to 5 years.

2) Make sure that you hire a web designer who has web development expertise,  otherwise your website functionality is going to be limited.

3) Use the latest web standards and technologies. Do not get stuck with just HTML. Choose Flash, Flex, Java, or Ajax (people prefer rich media applications.)

4) Spend money on getting professional custom designs. People can tell the difference between a high-end custom website and a cheap template.

5) Hire a professional writer and photographer.

6) Hire a white hat, SEO engineer who knows how to build a website that can be indexed by Google and Yahoo. This will speed up the process of ranking on page 1 on Google from years to a couple of months.

7) Use all the legs of internet marketing: pay per click, social media, blogs and SEO. They can make the difference between having few clients and becoming a busy and profitable business.

Playing safe on the internet means setting aside a budget, hiring a reputable internet marketer who is very savvy in web design, development and search engine optimization and marketing. You should not try to write your content yourself nor use a point and shoot camera. People are knowledgeable and they know the difference between quality and cheap.

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  1. Thanks, I enjoyed reading your post. It’s nice to see someone writing something worth reading. Take care.

    – Jack

  2. do you seriously expect a non flash site to be listed – optimized or not for ‘flash’ keyword?

    • Andrew you please clarify your question .
      A flash website can be optimized and can achieve high ranking on Google and Yahoo.
      A none flash website also if optimized will achieve similar results.
      A none optimized website will not rank on google and yahoo .

  3. Flash is not SEO friendly for the regular joe or SEO. Those who do knwo how to optimized a full flash website they arewamd will be able to rank on page 1 number 1 of Google. Try Flash website toronto or monogramming toronto you will see Flash website are on the TOP.

  4. you asked me to show you some competitive keywor in wich flash SEO can perform.
    Please Type “Flash web design” you will notice a full flash website ranking number 2 on page 1 out of 321 million search results. The number 1 website is a directoy/templates … I believe this is an example where Flash SEO proof that it works.

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