Link Building Takes Time (Inbound Links)

All good webmasters know what it takes to get better search engine rankings. You have to optimize your web pages and you have to get good inbound links (an inbound link is a link that points to your website or web page using specific text and does not have a link back. For example I am using this SEO Toronto link to point to Solution416 without them linking back to this blog).

If you want to get high quality links, you have to invest time and effort. You have to work continually on your links and your web page content. These two elements will allow you to outperform your competition in the search engines.

Should you build all your links at once and then rest or should you do inbound linking over time?

It won’t help your rankings much if you get many links at once and then stop building links. Search engines also consider how many websites link to your site over time. If you get many links at once and then no links at all, search engines might think that you are buying links and cheating the system. Build your links one link at a time, optimize your pages, and the rankings of your website will steadily improve.

You should be very careful if someone promises you a quick solution to link building. You should investigate thoroughly what they are promising and what they are offering.

Avoid link farms and links systems. Be alert for those who claim insider knowledge of Google algorithm loopholes. They might exploit these loopholes to get on Google’s first result page without doing the hard work. This usually works for some weeks but then Google finds out and the websites that exploited the loopholes are penalized and removed from the index. They are then subjected to the Google Sandbox. It is very risky to use these methods.

Don’t fall for rip-off products that promise easy and quick results. These products often put your website at risk because Google considers them spamming.

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  1. Link building takes time, and it takes a lot of dedication on the part of website owner. But in the end this will pay.

  2. Good content.

    Today with the economic recession, there are many people who are looking out to increase targeted traffic to their website or blog. There are several strategies one can use to achieve this which may be either free or paid. For instance, you can set up a PPC campaign and expect instant traffic and results if it is set up and optimized the right way.

    However, if you are looking to save on your cost and at the same time want the most useful strategy, then building back links naturally is very effective. This is especially the best tactic when you have an inbound link coming from a website that receives high traffic and also that’s relevant to your site. This process could be quite time consuming, but worth the efforts in the long run. However, make sure that the quality of your links is not compromised as it’s the quality that counts and not quantity.

  3. Since I’m a newbie in this entire internet, SEO and link buildig thing I was hoping to learn a little bit more on the actual “how to do” the link building.


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