Is Social Media Hummingbird Mass follow / unfollow software worth your investment?

When I posted the last article about Twitter’s policy of suspending people who do mass follow and un-follow, I received an overwhelming response from readers. The largest response regarded the use of automated applications, especially Hummingbird.  Comments regarding Hummingbird were mostly attacks on the software for being a commercial product which sells for $200 compared to other products that are free. Unfortunately, we did not find any other real technical reasons that would support these attacks.
Is it fair for people to trash a business just because it is not giving something away for free? Should I start giving away my custom web design and my custom SEO for free?

Does Hummingbird work?

Our testing showed that with one click on a specific person’s “Followers” or “Following” tabs, you can follow as many people as you want. Similarly, if you click on your own “Following” tab (the people you are currently following), you can identify and unfollow the people who are not following you in return. You can unfollow as many as you wish.  You can also protect some people from being unfollowed by classifying them as VIP. These are the major features of the software.

Major advantages:

  1. It is very user friendly, nothing to guess – just click and watch it work.
  2. Their support team is always responsive and present. They treat their clients like gems and that is a great sign of a good business. They answered every question we had when we  inquired about their product for this article.
  3. If you are willing to get your hands wet, you can reset the configuration file to slow your following rate to a stealth mode.
  4. Future development of the software is working toward fulfilling user’s wish lists, including keyword search, auto follows and following limits.
  5. The cost of the software is a one-time fee, includes lifetime updates and every user we asked said that the software saved them so much time that it was worth the price.

Major issues:

  1. Most users of Hummingbird complained that it does not stop following unless if you stop it manually. Mesiab Labs sources clarified that a limit can be set by resetting the time variable in the configuration file.
  2. You have to be always present during a follow process or else you will run into your twitter follow limits and you will be unable to follow people for few hours.

Based on Mesiab Lab’s present success, and the direction their new version is taking, we believe that Hummingbird will continue to be a great success.  We love the easy to use functionality and the flexibility that they are adding to their newer Version 2.

We understand in this world there are those who are willing to pay for a premium service and others who will only beg for  freebies. Fortunately to our country, there are enough businesses and people who are willing to pay for good products and services. They keep this economy growing and businesses rolling. I cannot imagine what will happen if we all gave away our services for free – we would starve.

Finally, we do not find that the price-based attacks on Mesiab Lab’s ‘Hummingbird” are justifiable.

Stay tuned for the evaluation of CatFood, Tweet Manager and SocialToo.

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