What Inbound – Outbound Links Search Engines Can Identify

In the war of inbound outbound  links between Search Engine and black hat SEO many facts get twisted or covered . Every day black hat link sellers guarantee you how safe they are but are they ?

outbound links and inbound links Facts:

  1. Search Engines can Identify 2-way and 3-way links ( 3 websites linking to each other)
  2. Search Engines Adjust the weight of those links or even remove them
  3. An inbound link weights can depend on the type of link, the source, the target, the age of the link, or any combination of things
  4. Search Engines can spot most types of paid links, they engines can run queries that you can’t
  5. They have access to much more data than you and they have more people working for them then you
  6. Google is known to filter by source  and then  remove a websites ability to pass reputation , Page Rank and authority through outbound links

Next time when you consider buying links or using some questionable techniques keep in  mind that Spam and black hat are a cost and nuisances to Google , so it is  cheaper for them to eliminate you than to research your questionable practices.

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