Google Sandbox Can SEO Help?

Google’s sandbox is a filter that Google created years ago to fight spam. If you have a new website or if you made major changes on your website, then Google’s sandbox filter might be the reason why your website’s rankings have dropped.

How can I find out if my website is in the sandbox?

If the following criteria apply to your website, it is likely it is in Google’s sandbox:

  1. Your website cannot be found if you search for the exact title tag.
  2. Your domain is less than 2 years old or you just made major changes to your website content.
  3. Your website had good rankings and now it dropped off 30 plus positions.
  4. Your website has good rankings in Yahoo and MSN/Live but not in Google.
  5. You are using gray or black hat optimization techniques on your website.

How can I fix this issue to get out of the sandbox?

If you have a new website, expect that it will be listed within 6-8 months in Google.  To drastically shorten this period:

1. Optimize the website and its contents (use aggressive white hat search engine optimization techniques.)

2. Submit it to several directories and search engines.

3. Link back to your website from other websites.

When you register a new domain name, create a simple page and start linking to it.

Google’s sandbox is to prevent spammers. If you find that your website has been put into Google’s sandbox, work on improving your website content, apply only white hat search engine optimization techniques and increase links from and to your website.

Is there a penalty for being in the sandbox for using black hat techniques?

After being dumped into the sand box for using black hat techniques, and after removing all spam from your website, you will have to wait for one year before you will once again be given high ranks in Google.

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  1. white hat ? black hat? I don’t recall seeing what these mean. Can you help?

    • White hat is when you use ethical standards and follow the SEO rules.
      Black hats is when you use short cuts and illegal ways to gain high ranking in SEO a good example of this is writing in white character font over a white backgroud or repeating the same keyword many time which become keyword stuffing. These techiques might give you at first a good ranking, But Search engine will catch you and dump you in the Sandbox = your website will not show up any more . if youhave any other question go SEO Toronto end email us and we will be happy to assist.


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