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Fadi Semaan is a motivating, inspiring and engaging communicator who gives seminars on harnessing the power of the web and social media based on his extensive experience. He is a passionate speaker who can not only provide practical training, but also motivate individuals to devise and reach their goals.

Extensive expertise

Fadi’s expertise encompasses a wide range of web tools and platforms, such as Flash search engine optimization (SEO), social media and online video marketing, including the latest developments and how they can be effectively used by businesses as part of an overall web strategy. He has given a range of seminars and webinars, and has produced a number of online instructional videos.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Fadi offers a range of seminars on topics including how to:
• Use SEO to drive traffic to your website.
• Harness the power of social media as part of your overall marketing plan.
• Increase website traffic, user time spent on your website and conversion rates.
• Effectively use videos on the web as an inexpensive marketing tool.

Fadi has extensive experience in social media and can provide seminars on specific social media outlets, including:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• YouTube and video marketing
• Flickr
• WordPress
• StumbleUpon
• TripAdvisor

Fadi’s expertise also encompasses:

• Financial social media
• Flash search engine optimization
• Online advertising (AdWords and Facebook)
• Flash web design and development
• Conventional web design (HTML)

Whether one-on-one, a small group of individuals or a large corporate event, the content and length of seminars can be tailored to the educational needs of any audience.

Knowledge is one of the greatest assets that can help set you and your employees apart from your competitors. SEO and social media are some of the fastest changing aspects of the web. Keeping up to date on the latest changes to search engines, such as Google, as well as social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—as well as how to harness these changes—are one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

Let Fadi Semaan help motivate and inspire you and your employees. Call today for a free quote.

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